Oh Death Redone


I wasn’t satisfied with my original piece, so I decided to try again. Unfinished as of now, but I’m very pleased with the direction it is heading.

Inspired by one of my all time favorite songs, Oh Death. We all have a different relationship with death. Some of us avoid it, while others tempt it. Sometimes we see it coming, and sometimes it takes us by surprise. But no matter what we do, death comes for us. This piece is a memento mori, a reminder to live life to the fullest, and to consider how you will greet death when it comes for you.

The most well known version of Oh Death is sung by Ralph Stanley, but my personal favorite is sung by Jen Titus.

Medium: Ink

Who Rules Who?

People assume that the living rule the dead, but given what we owe them and how they haunt us, I wonder…

Medium: Ink and watercolor

Out Of Line

A body is a living organism, ours but not entirely under our control. Blood flows without instruction, cells grow without consent, and hearts beat without thought. I find this is both comforting and disconcerting.

Medium: Ink

We Need More Balloons

Everything is outlined or filled with words, from the girl, to the burden on her back, to the balloons helping her lift it. Words have weight, and we need to ask ourselves whether we will add to the load, or ease it.

Mediums: Acrylic paint and ink

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